Tip 2: Understand the power of your marketing platforms and how they work for your benefit

As you know, there are so many ways to be seen by your target audience both online and offline. So, it is a very important strategic move to have both.

One question that sticks out for quite a few: “Where will my PERFECT patients be found? Meaning, where online and offline can I find them?”

You need to decide where you’ll spend your efforts…and your money to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Let’s look at some options to consider:

  • LinkedIn – take your time to make sure your profile stands out. This is, by far, the world’s largest business social marketing and sales platform touching millions across the globe.
  • SEO/Keywords – you have to use this if your patients are doing a lot of Google searches to find a doctor.
  • Networking – an old tried and true standby, but one that always works. Done right, it works like a charm. One of my clients just landed 50 patient leads at a conference he spoke at explaining how his approach is more effective.
  • Blogging – while a great way to stand out as a leader and specialist, it must be done consistently.
  • Webinars, podcasts etc. – the “secret sauce” for quite a few. So many are doing it.
  • YouTube – taking advantage of video seems to be the future and a great way to ”show and tell” your content.
  • Social media – so many to choose from right now. More generations are finding their way into this arena where your prospective patients reside.
  • Write books, e-books, white papers…to name a few. Offer them as incentives to get patient leads to give you their contact information. Then stay engaged with them through email campaigns and e-newsletters.

It may not be so wise to put forth all your efforts in trying to be on all platforms. Your time is precious too. Choose one or two you can sustain consistently each month and add on marketing elements as your business grows. If you don’t have the time, enlist a copywriter or patient marketing expert to save you time and money.


Jack Peters
Direct Response Copywriter | Patient Marketing Expert

As a Patient Marketing Expert and Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer for the medical tourism and the medical marketing industry, I write persuasive content that moves people to take action or to respond to offers for cosmetic/aesthetic/plastic surgery, infertility and other medical procedures offered under the medical tourism banner. I write and edit sales letters, correspondence, website content, email letters, e-newsletters, books, manuals, public relations campaigns, blogs and other social media marketing materials. I have done a ton of creative and business writing in my 30 years of work experience in management positions in advertising, special event promotions, marketing, sales, merchandising and business management.

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