Show that you care. Ask.

On estheticon we see that doctors with more reviews get more patient leads which lead to even more reviews. So…

How to get more reviews from your patients?
It’s simple. Just ask them something like this:

“Would you share your experience to help others?”
“Is there anything that you wish you knew before the operation? Would you mind sharing it with others by posting your experince?”
“Your feedback is very precious to us. Would you share your feelings, thoughts and experince?”

Just asking about their feelings contributes to the overall positive experience of your patients. By asking for a review you show that you care. By asking for their feedback, you show respect for them as your clients. Patients prefer doctors that care.

The following step, after the final post-op consultation, should be to provide your patients a link to your profile – by e-mail reminder. Thank your patients for choosing you, ask them to write a review, include a direct link. Your assistant can do that. You can also use our get more reviews tool.

Reviews become stories on estheticon

Patients that write a review on estheticon then communicate with others on-line. It’s a word-of-mouth marketing on-line. Patients love it. And, by the way, it is one of the reasons for 58 % traffic growth in April 2017 vs April 2016.)

Estheticon CXO and Founder

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