Publishing prices of aesthetic treatments

Significant number of patients that search for a plastic surgeon don’t know much about a procedure they want. In the initial stages of patient decision journey prospective patients search for prices.

Many of them search for prices because they want to get an idea. Not necessarily because they don’t have the money. How much is a breast aug is a no brainer question. Later when they become more educated the smarter ones become savvy and start to ask smarter questions. You get what you pay for in majority of cases.

Transparent doctors publish prices. Not exact prices. A price starting at is nice. Add price up to be perfect. A note: The price is not usually the lowest neither the highest. This can be noted on the side. Also its good to give some advice to patients. Information they should watch out for. Ask me what you want. I will answer what I want. They may search for prices but will find new aspects of the treatment in the process. The experience of a surgeon, recovery period length, operations techniques, etc. Of course you can sell yourself. Better said you can explain why patients should choose you and not your competition. This obviously should not be a cheep salesy approach. Pro-bono patient education works the best.

So my advice is: publish at least starting prices. Many patients that haven’t heard about you before will find you. Some patients that would go to your competition will end up on your operating table.

Estheticon CXO and Founder

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