Proven ways to attract paying patients to your clinic….#7

Seventh way to attract patients to your clinic…

#7 Be responsive to the needs of your prospective patients at all times

You should always staff yourself adequately once you notice an increase in patients setting up appointments and coming into your medical practice. Which means, you should always be in a recruiting mode, so you will to be ready to bring in extra staff to expand your existing services and, if possible, add new services to meet the needs of these new patients.

Be sure to always promote your new services strategically to your target audience. You never know who needs what services or if there is a referral opportunity in the making. When you pay careful attention to how your medical practice is growing and meet those local demands in a strategic and timely manner, you will be in position to increase your number of patients and build your practice the way you want it to be.

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Jack Peters
Direct Response/Social Media Writer
Patient Marketing Expert

As a Patient Marketing Expert and Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer for the medical tourism and the medical marketing industry, I write persuasive content that moves people to take action or to respond to offers for cosmetic/aesthetic/plastic surgery, infertility and other medical procedures offered under the medical tourism banner. I write and edit sales letters, correspondence, website content, email letters, e-newsletters, books, manuals, public relations campaigns, blogs and other social media marketing materials. I have done a ton of creative and business writing in my 30 years of work experience in management positions in advertising, special event promotions, marketing, sales, merchandising and business management.

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