Proven ways to attract paying patients to your clinic….#6

Sixth way to attract patients to your clinic…

#6 You should always encourage more online reviews.

Since your patients will be coming from online searches for the most part, online reviews are one of the most efficient ways for attracting new patients and growing your practice. Encourage your patients to share their feedback in an online review.

This can be accomplished by sending a follow-up email thanking your patients for their visit and encouraging them to review you online. Offer discounts or free special services to motivate patients to post online reviews for your practice.

After getting the patient’s permission, you also can make their reviews public by sharing them on your practice website and social media. It accomplishes at least two things:

  1. It helps to maintain stronger patient relationships
  2. It keeps your good name out in cyberspace and beyond

And by all means, do monitor your online presence. If by chance your medical practice has some negative reviews (brace yourself: it could happen), look for the most common reasons for the complaints. There could be a thread running through all of them that could be easy to fix. If the various review sites allow, make sure you respond to both positive and negative feedback to show that you care. Doing nothing is not a good marketing strategy.

It might appear you don’t care and are too busy to address the needs of your potential patients. You might not really think like that, but that is how it might come across to others who are on the outside looking in. Their perspective becomes your reality.

And, the more positive feedback you can collect and garner, the more calls and interest you’ll get from prospective patients who might just be looking for you. You become a trusted destination for their medical procedures.

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Jack Peters
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As a Patient Marketing Expert and Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer for the medical tourism and the medical marketing industry, I write persuasive content that moves people to take action or to respond to offers for cosmetic/aesthetic/plastic surgery, infertility and other medical procedures offered under the medical tourism banner. I write and edit sales letters, correspondence, website content, email letters, e-newsletters, books, manuals, public relations campaigns, blogs and other social media marketing materials. I have done a ton of creative and business writing in my 30 years of work experience in management positions in advertising, special event promotions, marketing, sales, merchandising and business management.

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