Proven ways to attract paying patients to your clinic….#5

Fifth way to attract patients to your clinic…

#5 Get your blog up and running.

For a medical practice to be viable and grow beyond where it is now, the doctors should see approximately 30-50 new patients every month throughout the year. A good way to accomplish this is through successful blogging. Blogging adds more fresh content to your site which helps with patient attraction, retention and nurturing. And, it does help those who are seeking you out.

But, to be effective it has to be consistent. When you and/or your team consistently post original content on your blog that is relevant to your audience, it shows that you know what you are doing, you are ready to be fully engaged with your patients and are determined to keep them informed.

You have the option of providing continuous wellness tips and articles for your patients and their families. You can use this platform to let your audience know what is going on with your practice. As another side benefit, you can showcase your exceptional staff so that your prospective patients become familiar with you and who works with you.

This blog can be promoted using Twitter, email and Facebook among others. It is a tool for you to use to engage with your existing and prospective patients.
Imagine how they are going to feel when they are receiving vital healthcare tips from their trusted physician. Not too comfortable with your writing abilities? Don’t fret. We can do it for you. If you are searching for help in writing your patient emails, e-newsletters, blog posts, social media, or developing a complete patient marketing system, reach out to me at or on LinkedIn.


Jack Peters
Direct Response/Social Media Writer
Patient Marketing Expert

As a Patient Marketing Expert and Direct Response Copywriter/Marketer for the medical tourism and the medical marketing industry, I write persuasive content that moves people to take action or to respond to offers for cosmetic/aesthetic/plastic surgery, infertility and other medical procedures offered under the medical tourism banner. I write and edit sales letters, correspondence, website content, email letters, e-newsletters, books, manuals, public relations campaigns, blogs and other social media marketing materials. I have done a ton of creative and business writing in my 30 years of work experience in management positions in advertising, special event promotions, marketing, sales, merchandising and business management.

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