“If I perform well, people will hear about me.”

The painful truth is: no they won’t. Not like you think. They often keep quiet.

5 Crippling Beliefs that Keep Doctors in the Poor House

There’s a myth that’s been circulating for years that doctors and the clinics in which they work earn easy money doling out simplistic advice a few minutes at a time, while hard-working nurses and doctor’s assistants get on with the “real work” of taking care of patients. When you look beyond the misinformation, the truth is very different…

Why patients ask online instead of asking you? (And why is it good for you?)

Some patients ask questions online that they should be asking their operating surgeons. And that is annoying! But wait – there’s a positive side to it, too.

Do plastic surgeons need a dedicated mobile app?

In a word? No, as a plastic surgeon or clinic you really don’t need your own mobile app.  I’ve seen quite a few mobile apps made for doctors and clinics, but to be quite honest I’ve never seen one that was worth the time and money spent on it.

Authentic prices on your profile – the ace up your sleeve

Past blog posts have discussed how much of your profile’s success depends on filling it out completely. One small – but critical – component of your profile is the price list. Our analyses have shown that profiles showing prices for procedures receive TWICE as many inquiries (email and telephone), on average, as compared to those without.

How long do patients spend deciding?

pebbles-balance-smallDeciding to get a nose job is a bit more involved than choosing the right handbag for the new season. Patients spend years making up their minds about cosmetic procedures: according to a survey by the DPAGC (Germany’s Society of Plastic Surgeons), 85.6% of women take more than one year. This extended decision-making period has far-reaching consequences for doctors.

Negative Patient Reviews: A Good Thing?

If you want your positive reviews to look legitimate, you need negative reviews as well. Patients trust reviews more if some entries are all or partly negative. You get the best results by asking all your patients to leave feedback – a negative review here and there will get lost in the flood of positive reviews.

How to Use Estheticon More Effectively

diskuze-vs-poptavky-all-2013-enInterested in attracting more patients? These are the four key strategies that will put you in high demand on Estheticon:

1) Contributing to discussion forums
2) Listing what you charge for specific procedures
3) Showing visual evidence of your work
4) Receiving recommendations from your patients

Ringing Phones Equal Money

IMG_6985When phones ring in your office, it’s the result of your hard work coming to fruition. Your investment into marketing and your clients’ word-of-mouth advertising are what get new clients calling. It is possible to increase your number of consultations and procedures by improving telephone communication. It is more effective to offer a better service than a better price. The quality of a surgeon is of course important, but it is just one of the factors which determine overall patient satisfaction.

The meaning of online reputation in aesthetic plastic surgery today

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